Magic Items


Maul of Smiting
+1 Silver Greatsword x2
+1 Greatsword of Life Stealing
+2 Longbow of the War Commander
Dagger of Venom
Javelin of Lightning
Oathbow (A, see DMG p.183)
28 various +1 weapons


Breastplate +2
(A) Bracers of Defense +2
(A) Cloak of Protection +1 x2
Adamantium Plate
(A) Bracers of Archery
(A) Spellguard Shield


(A) Staff of Warding
(A) Staff of Striking
Wand of Enemy Detection
Ioun Stone of Reserve

Wondrous Items

(A) Belt of Frost Giant Strength
(A) Ring of Crawling
(A) Minor Snakemouth Amulet
(A) Minor Snakemouth Amulet
Bag of Holding (multiple)
(A) Symbiotic Ring
Horseshoes of Speed
Boots of the Winterlands
Gem of Seeing
Boots of Elvenkind
(A) Ring of Warmth
(A) Ring of Free Action
Adamantium Pickaxe
Gauntlets of Water Walking
Hopeful Key
“A bronze horn”
Quiver of Ehlonna
Sentinel Dagger
(A) Headband of Intellect
Manual of Golems (Flesh)
Carpet of Flying


Spindle of Vengeance

- Can’t be charmed or frightened
- 1/day (except d6=6) Compelled Duel
- Amplifies character flaw

Gemmar’s Extraplanar Chain

  • +10 feet walking speed
  • 1/day (except d6=6) Forcecage
  • Resistance vs. Psychic Damage
  • Eat and drink 6x normal
  • On attune: Age 3d10 years, DC 10 Con save vs. Death (and Wight transformation)

Inthaiel’s Mirror

- Can’t be blinded, deafened, petrified or stunned
- Proficient in Religion
- 1/day (except d6=6) Blindness/Deafness
- On attune: Become paranoid (disadvantage on Cha and Wis checks for 1d10x10h)

Lantern of the Planes

Orb of Dragonkind

- proficient in Arcanana and Intimidation
- sour stench up to 10 ft away
- geas


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