For general appearance, refer to the PHB.
High Elves usually wear layered robes in bright colours. Wide sashes, waistcoats or vests are chosen in close shades. Hair is mostly cut shoulder-length and worn free or in simple sailor’s ponytails. In contrast, Wood Elves typically wear trousers and short tunics in subdued or earthen tones. Slik ribbons and metal strands are woven into thin braids in their hair.

Racial traits

Elves use Elven traits, including High Elf and Wood Elf traits, from the Player’s Handbook with the following exceptions:
Subrace. Choose one of the following subraces: High Elf, Wood Elf or Desert Elf.
Languages. High Elf and Wood Elf characters speak the Rubian dialect of Elven and one additional language (The High Elf trait Extra Language is on top of this). Desert Elves use languages detailed in their subrace description. This trait replaces the Languages trait from the Player’s Handbook.


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