Mitheen is a Rubian Elven fortress city in the very south of the country. It is placed straddling the Isthmus of Mitheen between the Bay of Mitheen in the Sundered Sea and the southern part of the Sea of Storms.

Due to its nature as a border city, and its relative proximity to Farradin and Nubia, Mitheen is a major trade hub.


The Twin Walls, Heili and Sanhire

Mitheen is divided into three parts by two walls crossing the isthmus. The southern wall, Heili, is the primary defensive structure, topped by ballistae and wizard turrets. Between the walls is the main trade district of Mitheen. It includes the ports on either side of the isthmus. The eastern port is protected from the winds of the Sea of Storms by a northward extension of Wall Heili. The northern district is behind Wall Sanhire, a lower wall with several checkpoints. Foreigners may only enter the northern district if vouched for by a Rubian of good reputation.

The Outside Market

South of Wall Heili there is a large paved marketplace intersected by a road leading south to the mainland. Around the marketplace stands an everchanging tent town of visiting caravans and several stables and inns for the merchants and their horses. Rubian guards patrol the area seldom and always in numbers. While technically the outside is under Rubian jurisdiction, in practice it is frequented by exiles and black market traders.

The Freshwater Works

The Freshwater Works is a sprawling complex just north of Wall Sanhire. Its two tall towers exhale plumes of blue steam high into the western sky. It converts the energy of water flowing under the isthmus into a magical charge that is used to extract the salt from seawater and further purify it for drinking and bathing.

The Golden Fingers

The massive stone piers, ranging in width from twenty to two hundred feet in width, stretch into the calm waters of the Bay of Mitheen. They are named as much for the wealth exchanging hands on them and in the warehouses on the shore, as for the yellow stone the city is built of.


The Rubian population of Mitheen – Elves and Forest Gnomes – numbers about 50 thousand, of which more than two thirds north of Wall Sanhire. in addition to Rubians, about 10 thousand foreigners live in the area between the walls, of whom three quarters are more or less permanent residents.

The middle district is undoubtedly the most racially diverse area in the Rubian lands. While most outsiders are there only temporarily, the largest and most wealthy merchant guilds from Tarsus and the Farradin maintain offices and residences in the city. the middle district is also conspicuously wealthy, and on the two-mile wide isthmus, it is easier to build up than out.

Despite the tight packed palaces and trade offices, the streets are kept clean and easily traveled by an army of “janitors public”, who live in cheaper lodgings north of Wall Sanhire. While a full fifth of the people working in the district are stevedores, clerks, and guards necessary for the everyday operation of a busy port, the high price of land means that the majority of them either commute, or sleep in their companies’ communal lodgings. Only in this city in the whole of Rubia is a non-Elf not a subject of fearful curiosity, but they are still regarded by Elves as outsiders best not associated with outside of profitable commerce.

In contrast, there are streets after streets of lavish inns and hotels for those who can afford it. The security of the merchants is taken seriously by the local Emir, and he provides a strong contingent of soldiers to partol the streets. Violent crime is nearly nonexistent, and outright robberies and burglaries exceedingly rare. However, high-class plots such as hostile takeovers, crooked deals and magical deception are more common than anywhere else near the Sundered Sea.


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